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CREDCHIT International

In light of 9/11 and the introduction of a new International Credit system, Responding to the need for a balanced financial system, CREDCHIT International introduces the West Coast Stock Exchange(WCSEXCH) as well as the Pacific Currency Exchange (PCEXCH).

This productive as well as newly introduced currency exchange system shall provide the west coast as well as it's international clients as well as partners with an alternative to the international currency exchange system.

Utilizing a more creative form of stock and/or currency exchange including, however, not limited to the introduction of the 'World Trading Initiative of 2009', organizations, corporations, governing organizations, agencies as well as special interest groups may trade effectively in  a more Organizations will report their awarded currency and/or stock awards to the (WCSEXCH) and the trading thereof will be managed by the Pacific Currency Exchange Board.


The West Coast Stock Exchange is currently exchanging international, having operated as a private exchange entity for decades now, dating back to even before the establishment of the United States, however, the public expression of the (WCSE) shall open it's doors to mass application acceptance as well as public awards to applicants by January, 2010.


The Pacific Currency Exchange has been identified as the brother and/or sister currency exchange medium presented by the International Currency Exchange Provision (ICEP) dealing primarily with organizations as opposed to the currency trading practices managed for individuals.


Projections for the  International Currency Exchange Provision (ICEP) shall exceed 1 Trillion Dollars within its first quarter, exploding in growth in upwards of 10 to 30 Trillion Dollars in international awards within it's first year.

Note: It is ultimately, in respect to all, (a) the loving perspective of nature that allows us to exist freely within a Credit System designed to personify the will of our forefathers and/or ancestors to be free. (b) This system has been established by the people, for the people and of the people and shall receive updates, additions, revisions and/or improved growth as we (c) continue forward with the process of our divine system.

To Continue, this system has been designed to extend privileges to members of 'A MORE SUPERIOR/SUPERIER WORLD'. This does not exclude any citizen, meaning that all are able to receive credit from this system.

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